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Quynh Christian Ha-Ngoc

Quynh Christian Ha-Ngoc is within the e-Commerce business since more than 15 years. Among others he was responsible to completely built up the new e-Commerce as a new sales channel for TOM TAILOR, a german based textile and fashion brand. Furthermore he has worked as a key account manager within the sales department of Google as well as leading an e-Commerce department at BAUR Versand, a member of the Otto Group which is one of the biggest online-retailer worldwide. Within BAUR he was responsible for Content Production, Shop and and Product Data Management. At adidas group he took care of several strategic e-Commerce and Omni-channel topics. Moreover he was responsible to build up the Monolabel Franchise business for the group in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to his professional expertise and qualification, Quynh has gained a lot of experiences in leading teams and departments within different organizations and companies. Human Resource management and personal development are his preferable areas within his leadership skills. Quynh is a Certified ScrumMaster® and will also take the exam for becoming a PMI-certified “Project Management Professional” (PMP). He can use his diverse methodological knowledge beneficial for every client he works for. Starting in autumn 2016, Quynh will host the lecture of “E-Commerce in Fashion” within the study of “International Fashion Retail” at the Reutlingen university.

Digital Strategies and Consultancy 90%
Projectmanagement 100%
Product data management (PIM, ERP) 100%
Business optimization 95%
Omni-Channel Retailing 85%
Processmanagement 90%
Leadership 95%

Skills and Capabilities

Quynh has extensive experience in project management from smaller up to very complex and cross-functional projects through his professional experience in different roles within different organizations. In addition to his skill profile, he can also offer a broad range of generic methodology skills which are recognized internationally such as the Certified ScrumMaster® or the Project Management Professional (PMP) by PMI. With his skill set and capabilities, he is able to manage sophisticated projects for his clients.
With many years of professional experiences in different leading positions, Quynh is able to adequately fill and take over current vacancies in leadership positions for his clients on an interim basis. Quynh’ strengths are his ability to quickly adapt into new working environment, rapid understanding, flexibility and a pronounced hands-on and getting things done mentatlity. Furthermore he has a passion for Human Resource topics such as Personnel Development. In 2014 he successfully took part in an Executive Leadership Development Progamm at Stanford Graduate School of Business for several weeks.


Process Consultancy Omni-Channel Retailing

The interaction between different sales channels, for example between stationary and digital sales channels, is becoming increasingly important. The consumer is now mobile and always “on” so that the best Omni-channel strategies can decide on a company’s success in the long term.With many years of expertise in the e-Commerce as well as in the stationary retail management, we offer professional support and assistance to our clients to build up, design an execute holistic integrated and intelligent business processes and solutions for their sustainable success in omni-channel.

Conversion Optimization

In times of intense competition and increasing costs for online marketing activities it will become more and more important for online retailers to sustainably improve their productivity. We have developed a concept to continuously improve the relevant benchmarks and KPI (e.g. conversion rate), which has already successfully been established at companies in the e-Commerce environment.

Product data management

The importance of comprehensive, high quality and complete product data is essential and very often underestimated for the successful sales of goods in the digital environment as well as for feeding the connected systems and modules such as an internal search tool. For companies who want to become better in digital, we analyze the existing system and process landscape of the value chain and develop potential for improvement and lever those within defined projects.

Selection of software and vendors

The selection of suitable and appropriate systems as well as proper service providers is essential for the sustainable success of digital sales channels. We will advise and support you when selecting your shop-, ERP- or PIM-system and other software modules. Furthermore, we support you in selecting suitable service providers to best harmonize all elements of your digital business model such as range assortment, logistics and fulfillment, payment, risk management and marketing in order to secure your long-term success in e-Commerce.


“Quynh Ha-Ngoc has excellent expertise in the e-Commerce area and is characterized by a high degree of personal responsibility, a continuous extremely high working effort and a unique level of goal orientation and consistency. His work ethic did not allow problems but only solutions. There is no doubt that Quynh Ha-Ngoc has the necessary skills, capabilities and understanding to support large e-Commerce areas decisively and to set significant strategic impulses for further development for any organization where e-Commerce plays a significant role.”
Dirk Lauber, CEO empiriecom KG (member of the Otto Group)
“Collaboration with Quynh Ha-Ngoc was always characterized by trust, honesty and mutual respect. He is an experienced manager and offers a very wide range of specific as well as methodological experience and knowledge which he always uses in a targeted and profitable manner. In particular, I have come to appreciate his expertise in product data management as well as process management very much. With that skill set Quynh Ha-Ngoc has continuously optimized internal processes for content production to be better and faster as well as improved product presentation online through extensive and enriched category specific product data in order to continuously improve relevant key performance indicators such as conversion rate or return rate “
László Kovács, Managing Director Cyberport GmbH
“Quynh has a rare combination of deep eCommerce expertise with a great solutions oriented attitude which allows him to thrive in a myriad of business challenges. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside Quynh at the adidas-Group at which point he routinely demonstrated strong team and people leadership amongst his peers and direct reports. He was directly responsible for driving the content and master data future of our digital organisation in a very fluid and complex systems organisation, developing a new function for the organisation and building the vision for his team in a short period of time. In addition to leveraging his extensive digital experience to solve complex problems, Quynh is a terrific colleague who is always willing to help out and go the extra mile to ensure the team as a whole is meeting their objectives with a high degree of quality with speed. Moreover he embraces challenges with a smile and is always positive which keeps the people around him motivated, engaged and most importantly supportive of his vision. I would not hesitate to work together with Quynh on just about any digital project and have a high degree of confidence in his ability to navigate the eCommerce landscape through his diverse eCommerce toolkit.”
Raffael Sarracini, Director consumer experience - Global eCommerce, adidas Group


M: +49 (0) 172 309 2556

E: quynh@ha-ngoc.de

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